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Our parenting programmes provide guidance, skills and techniques on raising children in the modern family, drawing

The 5 Pillars of parenting 4-11 years

The 5 Pillars of parenting 4-11 years programme has been running since 2007. The programme and our evidence have been evaluated by the National Academy of Parenting Research (NAPR)*


Marriage is one of the most important commitments and partnerships in ones life. However if this relationship breaks down we provide a confidential service with trained therapists.

Trainer Courses

Approachable Parenting is the only organisation where trainers can gain the licence to deliver the Five Pillars of Parenting programme – a parenting programme for Muslim parents.
Kathleen Roche-Nagi

Kathleen Roche-Nagi

Director, Trainer, Supervisor and Developer

Kathleen Roche-Nagi is the managing director of Approachable Parenting she is also one ofthe developers of “The Five Pillars of Parenting” 4-11 years and pregnancy to 3 years programmes.

Kathleen has a varied background, she is a qualified Nurse (SRN) and Midwife (SCM) from Dublin, Ireland. Following this in 1997 she became a community Mediator, in 2002 she gained a diploma in Counselling at Lincoln University. In 2007 she obtained a diploma in Life-Coaching from ANM and presented a paper on ‘How coaching is suitable for Muslim women’ at the BPS annual conference, which was attended by Sir John Whitmore. In 2011 she obtained her diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, from Warwick University and has also gained QTLS.

 She has been working with BME children and families for the past eighteen years, enabling them to overcome parenting issues, to increase their self-esteem and confidence while shaping their abilities to achieve. Previously, she developed and delivered the “Positive About You” programme which was a successful emotional intelligence programme  delivered to 1500 children within mainstream schools, prior to SEAL in the West Midlands. She also managed the “Get Qualified” project which supported sixty women to gain qualifications and to progress either into education or the workplace.

She is a licensed trainer of the Five Pillars of Parenting programme and supervises others trainers. Kathleen delivers the Train the Trainer course to gain the OCN qualification for the Five Pillars of Parenting.

Kathleen is a convert to Islam and is married with four children.